What is the lifestyle that calls to you in your heart?

When you starting LIVING in your fullest experience you learn how to live with uncertainty. 

Join Bryan and Katrina with guests Oliver and Susana from LIVE THE IMPOSSIBLE show on ITUNES podcast. 

This is a invitation to take responsibility for the things that you are ready to clear. The element of water support the simple ways to allows uncertainty and embrace the simple. 

 Our weekly contributing guest, Monica Szymonik from Mom's Unshackled shares her creation of love with her poetry specifically inspired for this episode. She can be reached at https://momsunshackled.mykajabi.com/EFWorkshop


BIO- Susana and Oliver Silverhoj 









A decade ago Susana and Oliver consciously and actively started our journey towards living their dream life.


The comments they often receive are: "That is impossible" or "You can´t do that", or "I could not afford to do that".


Most people cannot even imagine it possible to live as they do or live their own dream.


They find all types of reasons why it is impossible.



Therefore, their Mission has become to co-create a new conscious reality, where they remove the veils so they all can live our lives to its highest potential – a Meaningful, Holistic and Passionate life – making a difference in the world by being the unique genius´they are. A life many would call impossible.



Susana & Oliver have been soul mates and partners since 2001 and alchemized their shadows together through thick and thin. They allowed the triggers to point towards what was to be embraced and transformed within themselves.



Our attitude is that WE are responsible for how we experience life.


In their relationship they decided to clear the stereotype roles and our programs, and consciously go for what makes them happy, together. With a focus on ‘having it all’ they have transcended the energetic fences of what is possible and released our inner genius´.


They have their home base in Denmark and travel the world with flow, short and long journeys, while clearing and reactivating stargates and creating new sacred spaces.


They travel through galaxies, universes and timelines. Their multidimensional reality makes outer circumstances less important as freedom comes from within and then is manifested externally.


They do their best to help our 3 children to grow up free, compassionate, happy and empowered. World schooling them and working from our ​laptops with what we love supports that lifestyle.


BIO Bryan Elkins 

Transformation Coach

I left my twenty year career as a civil engineer to pursue a life-long dream of traveling and photography. I am a way-shower for men to embrace their powerful creative force and go beyond the normal structures of professional paths. I have also been instrumental in creating the expansive structure of support for the metaphysical sessions called the Gemini project in The Elemental Lifestyle.


BIO Katrina Elkins 

Life Purpose Alignment and Intimacy Coach

Katrina empowers men and women to get radically honest about their desires of intimacy so that they can live and THRIVE unapologetically in all areas of their life. 

She is a speaker, mystic, breath-worker, somatic surgeon, International best-selling author 3 x published and creatress of “The Elemental Lifestyle” Brand- an open source community. Her popular program Radical Honesty has now blossomed into additional opportunities of support with MILK, HONEY, and THE WILD PARTS. 


Katrina empowers her clients to fully embody their own sexual energy so they can blast through their plateaus and address any lingering addictions to food, porn, drugs, alcohol or mental games of self-sabotage, perfectionism, and control. Through her workshops, videos, online courses, events, private and group coaching, she invites people to integrate their Masculine energy to support their Feminine energy by allowing more intimacy, sex, play, joy, and bliss into all areas of their life!


Katrina's own personal process in overcoming depression, addiction, auto-immune diagnosis, and PTSD has given her the depth in holding the space of compassion for the journey to wholeness and complete freedom. Her global reach has touched the lives of many in India, Kuwait, England, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, England, Bangladesh, and the United States.


She has been traveling the world with her two children and 2 life partners, Bryan Elkins and Ben Roschke. She is currently in California after living in Bali, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Cyprus, Sicily, Romania, and Greece. 




FB: The Elemental Lifestyle 















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